What is a Domain's Name ? What Domain should I buy?

A domain name is an Internet address that identifies us from other sites

A domain name is an Internet address that identifies us from other sites: www.vivecancun.com | www.rosatourscancun.com | www.soberanis.com.mx | www.caribbeanseahotels.com | www.vaguemos.us, our name will be unique, no other company can have the same address, but there is a second extension it refers to the Country: .MX .ES .PT .US .AR

www. = Acronym of the phrase World Wide Web -red mundial- computer system access and search for information on the Internet, whose units are informative websites.

vivecancun = The name of our company, you should be short, it is important to consider the name of our trademark or services we offer, do not use abbreviations or trade name of the company, as you remind your customers?, And for those who do not know you how you will look ?.

.extension = It refers to .COM .NET .INFO, this can you have two levels, the second level refers to the country .COM.MX (for Mexico) .com.es (for Expaña) .COM.AR (for Argentina), it is recommended buy the size of the country it belongs to our company, then buy another domain for the country that our services will be used, for example: Selling a Mexican company tours .COM.MX if these services will be targeted to market Spain , buy one second .co.uk domain, the first domain information is customized for this country, .CO.UK Google to detect the extension adds these records to the database of Google Spain, if our market is large purchase necessary extensions each country.

Godaddy, his loyal business partner. To begin USD 3.34 * .COM!

Before you buy your su Domain Name, take a moment to compare domain names within its competence, never forget to include the type of service offered, followed by the brand: www.tourseconomicosencancun.com, our customers will be looking for a first service to identify the name of Google domain throw in their search results.

If for any reason the domain name you want has already purchased add an extension or change the order of the word, there is a wide range of extensions, press click here and search in real-time is easy and simple.

Our recommendation: buy your domain name at Godaddy, have a first class infrastructure and their prices are quite cheap, however it is acceptable to compare with other providers. They have technical support 24 hours a day in English.

Ready !!, you have your domain name, you must now buy a place to host your web pages, there are thousands of hosting, however it is recommended that you purchase your domain and hosting with a single source. Do not buy with intermediaries, for example visit: Goaddy, offers a wide range of extensions for your domain, hosting with multiple tools, programs for you to build your own site, SSL security certificates, and registration module positioning in search engines and many benefits to start on the Internet is not a sore head.

What is Hosting ? It is a space in a dedicated server connected 24 hours 365 days a year Internet, You buy a space for you to upload all the information required, images, videos, etc., etc., is somewhat similar to the hard drive of your computer, but these servers are designed to store large amounts of information, technology is quite robust and monitored 24 hours a day.

Executive Summary: Before buying your domain compare the domain of competence, sees fit to buy the extension of your country and if your service goes to another country, also buy the domain with the extension required, be sure the hosting, cheap is not always well, remember that having a website is advertising, users today while others seek some sleep. The business should be open 24 hours and most importantly -Information Updated-.

If you have questions or need support without commitment, send an email to: info@multitod.com, it will be a pleasure to serve you, sure we have the solution. Luck!!

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